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Mic, formerly PolicyMic
The Most Obvious Sign Yet That Chris Christie Is Running For President
Barbara Buono Could Revolutionize NJ’s Education System, If We Give Her the Chance
Gay Conversion Banned, But New Jersey’s Not Out of the Closet Yet
“We’re the Millers” is Predictable, Boring and Super White

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Owes Us a Better Apology

Maxwell’s, Jersey’s Most Famous Punk Club, Closes for Good
This is the Shocking North Pole Photo Everyone is Freaking Out About
5 Mean Girls GIFs That Explain New Gonorrhea Treatments

26,00 Binational Same-Sex Couples to Benefit from DOMA Ruling
The DOMA Ruling Benefits Straight Women, Too

The Ramapo News,  my college’s weekly newspaper
Student Challenges Graduates to Exercise Passions
SLF Creates Student-Accessible Compost
Vegetarian Feast Served at Sustainable Thanksgiving (additional reporting)
NJ Music Scene Offers Artists Plenty of Opportunities
SOTU 2014: More Progress for College Students
Millenials Can Shape Online News Media Despite No Pay
News Round Up: Stores From This Past Week
Employees Favor Minimum Wage Increase
DAC Conducts Faculty Focus Groups to Discuss Diversity
Local Farmers’ Market Moves Indoor for Colder Months
Ramapo, Seton Hall Partner in Newly Added Law Program
Gubernatorial Candidates Wrap Up on the Campaign Trail
Complete Coverage: Gov. Christie Visits Ramapo
‘Steel Magnolias’ Captures What it Means to Be a Woman
Mercer Gives 17th State of the College Address
‘The Ramapo News’ Kicks of 2013 Election Coverage
Local Music Venues Hosting Favorite Bands This Season
Digital Program Reminds Students To Vote
Seven Ways to Stand Out as a Star Student
Tri-state Area Music Festivals Debut for Summer
Equal Pay Day Bake Sale
The Need for National Marijuana Reform
Students Go Outside the Classroom to Interact through Art
Ramapo Students Visit DC to Protest Keystone Pipeline
CCEC Revives Community Service Project to ‘House On The Hill’
Mercer Looks Towards Future Improvements
ASB Hosts Business Outlook
Facebook Data Use Policy Confuses Users
Dance Party Raises Money for Sick Kids
Colorado and Washington States Vote to Legalize Marijuana
Professors Receive National Endowment for Humanities Grant
Planned Parenthood is Worth It, Governor Romney
Community Service Fair Showcases Civic Opportunities

Environact News, a site created for my Senior Project Journalism class final
Register to Vote in New Jersey Today
The Keystone Pipeline Failed, But What Does That Mean For New Jersey?
7 Ways To Contact Your Representatives

InNEWvative, a site created by my Senior Project Journalism class
The Digital Divide of Gender: Women Writers Versus the Trolls
The New Definitions of Activism and Grassroots Organizing: Climate Week, Brought To You By…
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Bridge From Abroad
Download These Travel Apps Before Your Next Trip
Yes, You Can Study Abroad in Graduate School
Senior Year Isn’t Too Late To Study Abroad
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Use Your Experience Abroad Wherever You Go
4 Affordable Pubs in Prague To Quench Your Thirst
Study Abroad for a Challenge, Not a Vacation

Pink Pangea
India Travel Tips: Danielle’s Take on Health, Safety and Romance
Vegan Traveling Isn’t a Burden — It’s Awesome
Traveling the World with a Digestive Disorder
Lessons from Tiny Beautiful Things: Leaving My Boyfriend to Travel
Studying Abroad Isn’t Just For “Rich Kids”
Going to an Indian Soccer Game? Use the Bathroom First
Lessons on Environmental Sustainability From India
Sustainable Living in India: A Visit to Sadhana Forest
5 Best Dive Bars in Bangalore
Kicking the Disposable Habit: 9 Tips for Sustainable Travel
6 Tips for the Bibliophile Abroad
Why I Chose to Study Abroad in India

Ramapo Unpacked
Dhanyavada, Roukema Center! on page 8 (Fall 2015 edition)
My Wanderlust Has Grown on page 4 (Fall 2014 edition)

CIEE Central European Studies Prague Blog
Franz Kafka Exhibition


Thought Catalog
7 Places You Can Make Money By Selling Junk
Lana Del Rey Released A Clip From Her New, Upcoming Album, ‘Honeymoon’
Stop What You’re Doing And Listen To Sorority Noise’s New Album
9 Things That Happen When You Return Home After Studying Abroad in India
This Girl Band Makes You Feel Like Summer Is Closer Than It Is
What Happens When You Fall In Love With Prague
From Science To Literature: A Transition
5 Simple Strategies To Get Stuff Done This Week

Nomadic Press
Syria Burning: ISIS and the Death of Arab Spring
The Invention of Monsters/Plays for the Theatre

Today’s AT&T Wireless Outage
A 4chan Forum Made Up A Fake Feminist Conference And Started Selling Tickets
Road Tripping Across The U.S. While Vegan
I Donated My iPhone On Reddit
I Graduated College At A Musical Festival
My Relationship with Masculinity
7 Things I Learned in Prague
National PTSD Awareness Day? Yes, Please.

Wordy By Nature
Study Abroad and Diversify Your College Experience

15 Beard Models You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Ramapo College Women’s Center Blog
Time Management For Campus Leaders: Experimentation, The Art of the Nap, and Keeping Track of Tasks

Diva Gals Daily
Chatting with Nicole Richie
The Reason Behind Adele’s Cancelled Tour
MTV Awkward.: Star Jillian Rose Reed and Finale Secrets!