Do you want to take a shot at freelance writing? If yes, I’ve compiled a list of resources for those wanting to just start out.

First off, please visit my blog, the Millennial Freelancer. Now on hiatus, the blog features interviews with successful freelance writers and editors.

Second, I’ve published a handful of interviews with successful and extremely talented freelance writers. Specifically, this page compiles all of my bylines related to freelance writing, including 7 Helpful Resources for Your First Year as a Freelance Writer for the Write Life and The 5 Required Courses You’d Take If You Majored in Freelancing for the Freelancer by Contently.

Third, I’m not the only person out there with valuable resources! Below are some more links to take advantage of from some awesome fellow freelance writers. The authors of the above links have granted permission to have their work linked on this page.

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